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Enchanted Film + Photo | Wedding Photography
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Our Process 

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  • How much experience do you have?
    We've been photographing and filming for quite some time, so we've nearly seen it all! Locations have varied from churches, hotels, fields, barns, gardens, on top of roofs, and in the middle of nowhere! Lighting has varied from bright sun to dim lit chapels. Though we haven't filmed in every kind of natural disaster, we have encountered many, and that is part of what makes your experience unique! When it comes to your wedding, no worries - we've got this!
  • Tell me more about yourselves and your style!
    We are a happily married couple who truly love working together and have been since the beginning! Our family consist of one amazing princess and 3 little toads - jk! The children we have been blessed with are absolutely amazing and have made our family who we are. When we were married, we had a photographer, and to our surprise, our church filmed our wedding! We were so grateful and have watched it many times over the years. Wedding photography and videography is one of the best gifts a couple can bring along with them in the wild journey of marriage! With there being so many photographers out there, we feel there is a perfect fit for each couple! We don't have one particular cookie cutter style that we use for everyone. By getting to know you, we know what shots and what colorization we need to best tell the world who you are and how magical your day was! Having both photography and videography is something we highly recommend. Each capture moments that may have otherwise been missed and forgotten over the years. We want to capture the full, whole, and real moments of your wedding - as many as possible! While we have been to many weddings, our thoughts are yours, the one we are at that very day, is yours! Your magical moments, your true love - every part of your day counts!
  • Why is working with a photo + film team better than hiring two companies seperately?
    They know how to work together! The can anticipate each other's movements. Your wedding coverage should be totally genuine - you won't run the risk of having to fake moments later because the companies were on different schedules, or simply didn't know something was planned. We try our best to stay out of each other's shots, too. Wedding planning can be stressful enough, and using one company can help make things easier. You will have the same high-quality, consistent look to your photos and films.
  • Aren't photos more popular than video?  Like, do we even need both?"
    We view wedding films as a chance to create art. Even more, it becomes a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Modern, experienced videographers know when to anticipate moments happening - they know when there may be laughter, teary eyes, first kisses, and funny dance moves.
  • Will you travel for our wedding?
    Yes! We frequently travel for weddings and would love to make the trip out to yours.
  • What will our session be like?
    We'll work together to come up with something beautiful, fun and quintessentially you! Our goal is simply to capture your love, so you can experience it again and again, always and forever, and every little moment in between.
  • Why do you shoot photos and video?
    We truly cherish our own wedding video and photos, and truly believe that you will, too!
Enchanted Film + Photo makes memories last more than a lifetime.
Enchanted Film + Photo makes memories last more than a lifetime.
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